Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stuff I've been doing!

I've been dealing with mental illness, which is always fun.  I've been playing Pokemon White.  I've been getting into a new religion, an earth religion with chanting and meditation that's really been helping me.  I just got the new Lady Gaga album yesterday (squeee!). I discovered tumblr (my name is Himemiya, add me!).  I've been reading YA books about dystopian societies (Wither by Lauren DeStephano is so awesome, you should all check it out!).  I've been reading and highlighting and taking notes in my new-religion books, practicing for school in the fall.  I might be a peer support specialist at a place that does Psycho-Social Rehabilitation (classes, outings, socializing, ect for people with mental illnesses).  I currently go there :D

I hope to get back into the "Things I Like" series soon, and make some vlogs ^_^  I missed you guys!