Friday, March 26, 2010

Vloggy vlog March 26, 2010

I have no idea why it cuts off 1/4th the screen x_x

Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I Like: Pokemon Heart Gold!

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So a new/old pokemon came out on Sunday - The original older ones were called "Gold" and "Silver", the re-releases with updated graphics and touchscreen DS-y stuff are "Heart Gold" and "Soul Silver".  I know very little about the pokemon games.  Each game has a "legendary pokemon" (Ho-Oh and Lugia). There's a few pokemon you can get in one that you can't in the other (and vice versa), but other than that I have no idea why they released the two.  I think the maps and people are the same... I don't know.  I probably shouldn't blog about something I know so little about, right?

I got Heart Gold, and am currently running around the Johto region looking for local pokemon to catch and leveling my party - you can catch as many as can fill the huge amount of space in your 'pokemon storage', but you only play with 6 pokemon at a time.  Mine currently are Totodile (the water pokemon you can start with), Rattata (purple rat), HootHoot (owl that stands on one foot), Sentret (squirrel thing that stands on its tail), An Onyx named "Rocky" (I traded for him), and TOGEPI! I LOVE TOGEPI!!  Except he's only level 1 right now so I can't fight him.  I haven't put him in the pokewalker yet to level him.

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Oh! The pokewalker!  It's a pedometer decorated like a pokeball.  You use wifi to put a pokemon "in" the walker (think tamagotchi), and as you walk around, it gets stronger!!  How cool is that!  I wear mine around the house too, you'd never guess how many steps you take just walking around from room to room!  You can also unlock new 'routes' to walk in, find berries, and even find pokemon (though I'm not sure how to do the last bit).

When I find out more about the history of pokemon, I'll do another post :D  Thanks for reading my ramble-y posts!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Things I Like: Poupeegirl

Awaiting at is a japanese-translated-into-english doll dressup site.  Poupee means doll in french (or something), and is not pronounced "poo-pee girl" (I say it that way anyway).  On the sidebar is my poupeegirl named Himemiya - the widget makes her outfit change when I change it on the website.  The goal of the site is basically to upload pictures of your real wardrobe, and have a 'closet' other people can look through and say good things about your awesome rose-shaped mirror (or whatever XD)

To get new clothes you can do one of six things; earn ribbons from being commented on, commenting on other's real pictures, or uploading a picture; upload a picture (you get a free clothing item per upload, sometimes very bad items); using shells (which you get randomly for going to someone's 'home'

... you know what?  This is getting complicated.  Check out the site, check out the livejournal community , have fun with it!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Things I Like: Flip Video camera

Let me start by saying that I was not paid by anyone to do this entry, I just really like this product.

Ok I've only had this thing for like a week, and I have like 20 small videos of my pets alone (I want to do a music video!!) I've wanted one for a while, and decided to get one when I got my new computer. It was on sale! It was destiny!

A Flip Video camera, or Flipcam as I call it, is a small camcorder with memory instead of tapes. To put the videos on your computer, you just pull down a button, and a USB 'flip's out to put straight into your laptop. I have cords so I can flip it straight into the USB plug that's connected to the USB on the front of my comp.

It's a little bit bigger than the size of my phone or a digital camera, so it fits into my pocket or purse :D The case it came with is a very tight piece of fabric (bleh) so I need to buy a case or make a case or something, I don't like it not having protection. Currently when in my purse it is housed in a sock ^_^;

Here's what mine looks like (this is not my picture, it's from a website called

See the thing on the side?  Pull down that button thing and the USB arm flips out! 

I totally recommend going to an electronics store and playing with this thing, I love it.  There's also a non-HD version, but I figured as long as I'm getting one, might as well be the nicer one right?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vloggy Vlog

I need to add more time at the end so it won't cut off my "See ya later, bye!" x_x

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things I Like: Anime part 2

This entry will be about my favorite anime!

Some Classic Shoujo - Sailor Moon is a favorite of mine (if any shoujo fan says they didn't like it, they're lying); Card Captor Sakura (Oh Tomoe, your unrequited love with Sakura is so cute!); Magic Knight Rayearth (I've never seen the whole thing, but I just ordered the whole series woohoo!)

Revolutionary Girl Utena - My favorite anime ever!  Roses and honor and duels and girls fighting - how can yo go wrong?  It's about this girl (Utena) who finds herself in the middle of a dueling game to win possession of - a girl, Anthy!  Utena protects her and more drama unfolds!  I like Anthy because I think she's a lot smarter than one would think.

Ikkitousen - So not shoujo.  Ok, it's a little ecchi, but I really like this show!  Minus the exploding shirts and panty flashes, there's a really good story. It's a fighting anime set in modern day japan, where schools have politics which rule the region. Students advertise themselves as fighters with a magatama stone earring (it looks like half of a ying-yang) it's based on the 12 kingdoms stories - fighters challenge each other with the power of a previous life.  I like it because girls fight (and win!) and not to save the world or their boyfriends.

- Classic! My second real anime ever.  I started watching it right before Gundam Wing came out on toonami.  It features Hitomi, a girl with fortune telling ability. Hitomi gets channeled to a different world called Gaia, where they refer to earth as The Mystic Moon.  There's fantasy, sci-fi, some mechs (woot for steampunk Mechs!) and even a little romance.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
- I. Am. Haruhi.  I run around looking for people to join my club.  I convince other members to do activities.  I get bored easily,  And I am some sort of god.  Ok, not the last part.  This show is told from the male lead's perspective, Kyon.  We watch all of Haruhi's antics from the outside!  Also in the show is some sci-fi stuff, but don't tell Haruhi.

Others I love:
My-HiME - Girls with magical skills and weapons fighting evil!  Lots of drama!  I love it.  It has a sequel, My Otome, but I don't like it as much.
Maria Watches Over Us - Schoogirls and beauty and student council and roses! But no magic or dueling this time, just school drama.
Pokemon - ... don't ask.