Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I Like: Pokemon Heart Gold!

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So a new/old pokemon came out on Sunday - The original older ones were called "Gold" and "Silver", the re-releases with updated graphics and touchscreen DS-y stuff are "Heart Gold" and "Soul Silver".  I know very little about the pokemon games.  Each game has a "legendary pokemon" (Ho-Oh and Lugia). There's a few pokemon you can get in one that you can't in the other (and vice versa), but other than that I have no idea why they released the two.  I think the maps and people are the same... I don't know.  I probably shouldn't blog about something I know so little about, right?

I got Heart Gold, and am currently running around the Johto region looking for local pokemon to catch and leveling my party - you can catch as many as can fill the huge amount of space in your 'pokemon storage', but you only play with 6 pokemon at a time.  Mine currently are Totodile (the water pokemon you can start with), Rattata (purple rat), HootHoot (owl that stands on one foot), Sentret (squirrel thing that stands on its tail), An Onyx named "Rocky" (I traded for him), and TOGEPI! I LOVE TOGEPI!!  Except he's only level 1 right now so I can't fight him.  I haven't put him in the pokewalker yet to level him.

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Oh! The pokewalker!  It's a pedometer decorated like a pokeball.  You use wifi to put a pokemon "in" the walker (think tamagotchi), and as you walk around, it gets stronger!!  How cool is that!  I wear mine around the house too, you'd never guess how many steps you take just walking around from room to room!  You can also unlock new 'routes' to walk in, find berries, and even find pokemon (though I'm not sure how to do the last bit).

When I find out more about the history of pokemon, I'll do another post :D  Thanks for reading my ramble-y posts!

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  1. Hey :3 Just so you know, a faster way to level Togepi at first is battle. Put him in front of your team so he follows you. The very first thing you do when the battle starts is switch him out for a different monster and then win the battle. Togepi will get half the experience for the battle even though he didn't make any actions :) The Walker will only level you up one level at a time per walk, but you can gain a ton of levels in no time through battles when he's such a low level :)

    HG and SS are the EXACT same game, just a few Pokemon are only available in one or the other. They did this so people like me would buy both and they'd make more money. Also it is to encourage kids to be more social and interactive with the game (as this helps them get hooked and, again, buy more Pokemon stuff).

    Catching Pokemon is the walker is kinda hard but fun. Use the PokeRadar. First you have to click on the grass when it says "!" Keep doing this until a Pokemon pops up. When it pops up you can choose ball, attack, or defend. Here's what can happen for each:

    ATTACK: You try to attack. You may do 1 damage to the opponent, or it might dodge. Either way you will lose 1 health bar, too.

    DEFEND: You will try to dodge an attack. If the enemy attacks, you will dodge and then counter and do 1 damage to the opponent. If the enemy also defends, you will do "stare down" and nothing happens. The enemy can also run away when you defend sometimes.

    CATCH: You will throw a Pokeball. You have a better chance of catching when the opponent has only 1 health bar left (in fact, I think it ALWAYS catches in that case). You can catch at full health though (I got a Gastly that way).

    Just NEVER EVER pick attack if you only have 1 HP left because you will lose it and your Pokemon will get hurt and you will lose watts :(

    And lastly, the source for that Togepi image... it's a promotional artwork for Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green. It was drawn by Ken Sugimori (he's the guy who designs and draws all the Pokemon :) ) And yes I knew that just from looking at it LOL

    I like the style of your blog here. Maybe I'll get meself a blogspot account...? Can you post "adult" content here?