Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dropping a Class


I'm in college, and I've had to drop a class or two (or three).  Dropping a class means quitting it before a certain point of the semester so you don't fail it.  It keeps your GPA (Grade Point Average) up, because it doesn't affect it.  People drop classes because of too many missed days, too low a grade, or if they can't handle the class for some reason.
I've had to drop classes mostly because of too many missed days.  I feel like, "I missed a class, I'm behind, I can't go next class, I won't know what I'm doing" etc etc.  I get too behind, and I end up dropping.  

At the school I go to it's fairly common to have to drop a class, mostly because of real life things.  I go to a community college, and people have jobs that make you work during class and children that need their parents to pick them up when they're sick.  I'm sure people have these problems at every school, though there's such an eclectic group of people at my school (it's pretty big for a cc).

I hate dropping a class.  But what you have to remember is, you can take that class next semester!  It's not the end of the world, or the world would have ended several times over by now!  If you have to drop a class, don't feel like you failed (like I and a lot of people I know feel).  Figure out why exactly you dropped that class, and then you'll be able to change it for next time!

Sorry this wasn't as happy as my usual posts, I'll get back to the happy next time I promise!


  1. Was it positive Psych? Your teacher sounded like an idiot. It's totally not the end of the world! You can just do another one next semester!

  2. @Mariko
    Yeah it's positive psych. I just... don't like the class. I don't care about the information in the books, I don't want to read self-help books unless they are about my sickness... all the stuff he wants us to do in class I can do by myself I think.

  3. I think that he doesn't really understand the idea of a positive psychology class. It's not freaking Tony Robbins seminar! It's a psych class.