Monday, February 15, 2010

Things I Like: Brain Age 2 for the DS

(not a review!)
I love puzzle games on the DS!  I have Tetris too!  I've never played Brain Age 1, so this is about the game I do have!
There's options for training and quick play.  Training means you have your own file and 'brain age' (how old your brain is - the number gets 'younger' the better you get.)
 There's several exersizes, including; finding the signs for equations very quickly, finding the right amount of change, playing piano, remembering how many blocks fall into each box - simple things that are surprisingly hard!  My favorite game is Virus Buster, which is a mix of Dr. Mario and Tetris.  It's the game you play to relax.  I'm pretty good at it :)

Since this isn't a review, just a "thing I like", I won't give a rating or anything.  I'm *not* (oops forgot that) the biggest or best gamer, so I probably won't do reviews of games ^_^  I want to do an article on Mario too, but I don't know facts about his games through the years...quick! To wikipedia!


  1. Awesome! I've only played brain age 1 and I'm awful at it, I really like the little Dr. Mario mini game this one seems to have! I used to love Dr. Mario when I was little.

  2. @Caro-chan
    I never played it, I wasn't a big gamer when I was young ^_^; I played Kirby!