Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random... pretty random...

It's @&#($ freezing outside, so I moved my laptop to a TV tray in the living room (where the heater is).  And honestly, without my blingy clock and my new silhouette picture and my lamp and my ponies... I don't feel that motivated to write.  I need to put on a snuggie and go back to my bloggie room.  Well, I don't actually have a snuggie, I need to get one.

The good thing is that I can watch MTVHits and listen to the 'mix' channel on cable's music stations (not at the same time, I flip back and forth) while I type.  The bad news is that I get stuck on my couch and don't get anything done because I can leave the bloggie room easily ("it's cold I'm sleepy I'm going to bed")  whereas on the couch, "It's warm I'm sleepy I'll stay right here where it's comfy".  Cold but motivated, or comfy and stuck.  Which would you pick?  I can't decide.  Also I'm able to close the laptop when a favorite show comes on, but I watch less anime when I'm not in the room with my PC (which has better speakers and more room for downloading).

A long time ago I started marathoning Sailor Moon (I got all of it squeeeee) and got to SuperS (which features Chibiusa and I don't like her that much... hello, she has a crush on her DAD and makes fun of her MOM, how weird is that?)  So I started SuperS and am only to like ep 5 or 6 >.<

Anyway, back on track with the "Things I Like" series next post!


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