Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Craft Day! Modern silhouettes!

Craft day with Mariko from Bonbon de Sucre! Using Victoria Suzann's tutorial from Lolita Charm, we made modern silhouettes using old frames, scrapbook paper, and a digital camera!  We didn't take any pictures of us making them (we were too excited and jumped right in!)

Here's mine!  I chose a bright colored paper (Mariko did a more subtle tone in off-white and forest green), and decorated with sparklies!  It's a normal 5x7 frame, it had a cat doing aerobics in it O.o

I had a lot of fun making mine!  Next week we might try for alice bows (head-eating bows?)


  1. Yay Alice bows! Your silhouette turned out really pretty. I'm going to post a pic of mine on my blog soon.

  2. Very cute! I love all the sparklies. Way better than a picture of a cat doing aerobics XD I have been meaning to do one of these, but I have the urge to hunt down an antique one even more. I feel weird about putting a fancy picture of myself on my own wall XD

  3. The background paper is so beautiful with all the different roses. :-D