Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things I Like: snow days! (is that a thing?)

So the south got snowed on yesterday and today, and were forecasting 14"!  We only got around 7", which is still a whole lot for us!  So I took pictures!  Exclamation point!
This is what it looked like yesterday evening:

and here's our pets having a snow adventure!
Penny loves the snow:

Ulla was not amused with her paws sinking in the snow:

And Earl had never been outside in the snow before!

It wasn't as bad as the huge snow we got in December (over 12" and fell fast!), but we're still stuck in the house.  The *mall* was even closed!  I doubt I'll have school on Monday...


  1. ::repost::

    In charlotte we only got 1-2 inches. It was still bad enough for people to FREAK out (because Charlotte never gets ANY snow). I had a fun time with my brother sitting in front of the window watching people trying to get out of the cal-da-sac for a few hours. I love the picture of Earl. Such a crazy cat. <3

  2. ahh cute kitty and dog :3

    i love the snow and we've only had aournd 3" :(

  3. @Naka
    Thank you! We usually don't get this much, and if we do it melts after a week and won't snow again for a month. We still have snow in my yard!! O.O

  4. @Kristin
    Usually we freak out in the snow too... Oh wait, we ALWAYS freak out in the snow... QUICK go to the store we need bread and milk!!!