Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blogs I follow!

Not looking my best today.  I did it up well - wore a nice black shirt, my pearls (love them!), did my hair, had on makeup... but that has turned to a mess.  Friends came over and we had fun, but twice I had a mild freak-out and had to leave the room.  I have bipolar disorder; which comes with depression, anxiety, and fear of leaving the house sometimes.
Anyway.  Let's talk about something else.

Blogs I follow! (in no particular order)

Violet LeBeaux - A super-nice author who posts a lot about Hime Gyaru, her new artwork, and her new deco project!  Totally recommend her tutorials!
F*** Yeah Lolita - a great lolita blog!  The author isn't afraid to cover topics, like "WTF Meta?"
Lolita Charm - The author, Victoria Suzanne, is a lifestyle lolita.  Her blog is anything from "What I did this Loliday" to updates on her youtube, the Charm Channel, to her newest post "Lolita Level Up!" with a list of 'what I've done with lolita' and gives you a score.
Smoldering Rose - The author beata-beatrixx just started this lolita-themed blog :)  I like it so far!
Part-Time Lolita - The author describes and gives tips for the "in-between lolita"
The Hedge Witch's Garden  - The author Eirwen is a friend of mine, and writes about being a 'Hedge Witch', or natural witch (working with nature and herbs and cool stuff like that)
The Guild Wars Bard - I've only just started reading this, so I don't know much about the author.  I love Guild Wars, and so far this is a great place for a GW fan to go!

A lot of the ones I follow are lolita themed, but I'd like to branch out into blogs about my other interests (cosplay, video games, amateur photography).


  1. Oh yay! I'm glad you started a blog, I'll definitely be reading ^_^ And thank you for so many compliments about my blog! It really means so much to me that lovely people like you read it :D

  2. Thanks for linking to me :D It's nice to see you starting up your blog again!

  3. Thanks for the link, liking you blog too :-)