Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things I Like: ponies!

I love My Little Pony! I collect them! Well, ok, let’s get complicated. There are four Generations of ponies – G1, the originals from the 80’s and early 90’s; G2, some from the mid-late 90’s; G3, from mid 2000’s; and G3.5, the newest batch (not another full generation because there weren’t years in between – they came out right after they stopped making G3).

I only collect G3s, because I like them best, and I collected a million of the originals when I was little (and gave them to my little cousin, they were lost in a move). Also, there’s Ponyville – small ponies to compete with Littlest Pet Shop.
I don’t collect the new ponies because I don’t like the new mold. Also, along with Ponyville ponies, they’re just recycling the characters over and over. I have over 100 g3’s with only a few repeated characters, Ponyville and G3.5 so far are only being released with the “Core 7” (the specific ponies they use to promo, etc)

ANYWAY! I love ponies. MLPs are so cute – I love the colors, the designs on their hips, styling hair, making little photoshoots (should I post a photoshoot here?). There’s so many different types of ponies! Ones with long hair (like, REALLY long hair), ones with tinsel in their hair and glitter on their nose, and the cute playsets! I had one with a ferris wheel and a roller coaster! But it was too big for my room ;_; Ponyville has way better playsets, they all look like normal things (purses, popcorn in a box, teapots) and then open up for a playset (shops, movie theater, TEAPOT PALACE which is the coolest set EVER).

Here’s some pictures of my collection:

What do you collect?

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  1. I love the cream colored pony and the ponies with wings. I used to have a few G2 ponies when I was little. I remember them having diamonds for eyes. Now they look... Let's just say I don't like G3.5 at all. The body is too small. >.<