Sunday, January 24, 2010

Craft Days!

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My friend Eirwen and I are going to start doing craft days on Tuesdays! We're doing tutorials like silhouettes from Lolita Charm and bunny slippers from Violet LeBeaux! We also want to do some cross-stitch, make bows and headbows, and decorate our phones and MP3 players. I started decorating mine, but I'm using the sticky back ones, and I'm afraid they'll come off! But if I just use glue it gets all cloudy. Victoria Suzanne from lolita-charm suggest a glue with 'diamond' in the name (I totally forgot what it was, but they didn't have it at AC Moore).

Maybe we'll crochet flowers! As soon as I figure out how to do it again. I have a whole book on crochet and knitted flowers. I want to make hats too, I found my instructions (and lost them, and found them again). I won't be felting them though; I don't like the feel of felted stuff. I mean I guess it is okay for stuffed animals and certain kinds of hats, but all I see is "Yay I made a beautiful ---! Now I'll throw it in the washing machine and make all the beautiful stitches go away." ;_; keep your stitches people, they're beautiful! My neighbor crochets, maybe she'll teach me some new things?

I'd like to get back into making ribbon flowers. I have all the materials and a few books, but it's just so hard to figure out without someone teaching me in real life. I'm a visual learner I guess?

Anyway, I think our crafts are going on Eirwen’s blog Bon Bon de Sucre, but I'll post some pictures here too ^_^

OH! And felt cakes! Caro from Fuck Yeah Lolita is making a bunch, I want some! And I want to make them into tiny purses! And I want felt pies o.o; I have no idea why.


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I love Lolita crafts, obviously XD I think you should definitely make felt cakes! I've been thinking of doing a tutorial for them.

    Diamond Glaze is the glue she mentioned, sadly, my little tube of it was all dried up before I found out about this tip! I think you can really only buy it online, and it's sort of pricey. I have been looking into using "Glossy Accents" which is a slightly cheaper, and I have a ton of it that I do use as glue, but I haven't tried it out with rhinestones.

  2. Oh that sounds like so much fun! I love craft days :D I've been wanting to try out Victoria's silhouettes too! I can't wait to see what you come up with the bunny slippers <3

  3. @Caro-chan
    Diamond Glaze! That's it! I might end up sticking with E6000, I just need to get a better handle of it.

    You NEED to make a felt cake tutorial! NEED!! XD

  4. @Violet LeBeaux
    I'm excited about the silhouettes, we're doing them this week! I'm thinking with bunny slippers, we might be going with colors... how would a bunny with different color ears look? It's a thought anyway ^_^;

  5. I have a bunch of craft ideas for us to do, I have found a bunch of websites about Victorian era fashion and crafts. I'm learning to embroider! I'm very excited. We should make bows too, I'm not very good at it, and I want to get better.