Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today's snap! January 12, 2010

Nothing exciting is going on with the bottom of the outfit, so I just took a picture of the top ^_^;  Both hands are raised because my tripod was in another room.  And I think the pink in the room make my face more pink... Wahwahwah, I know!  XD

I'm thinking tomorrow I'll wear the same sweater in a different color >.>  And maybe straighten my hair?  I like the waves, though...


  1. Very cute! I like the waves in your hair, it looks very soft, but I tend to like wavy hair over super straight hair.

    Is that a MLP collection in the background!?

  2. @Caro-chan

    It is a MLP collection! I have over 100 G3 ponies(the newer ones, I don't collect the old ones) and a whole bunch of 'ponyville' ponies (the little ones)