Friday, January 1, 2010

A little about me! (the first long post)

Here's me!  That's a My Little Pony collection behind me, with a Kana (Moon Kana now?) poster from a Gothic & Lolita Bible.  The study is my blogging room, mostly because it's the computer room.  I've added a few things from tutorials by Violet LeBeaux - an inspiration board (like a corkboard, only awesome), a decorated mirror, and a nice desk lamp I'll start decorating probably Sunday.  I seriously recommend her site, she's one of the best bloggers out there!

Back to introductions!  I go by Himemiya in most places.  I was going by Jaimicchi for a bit, but I've gravitated back to my first cosplay/anime/bbs name after re-watching some Revolutionary Girl Utena. I like it - Himemiya means Princess Shrine, and is the name of my all-time favorite anime character, Anthy Himemiya, who is the Rose Bride - it's complicated, watch the show! XD  Plus she has purple hair, and purple is my favorite color.  Jaimicchi came from my real name, Jaime.

Let's do this in survey format, shall we?

Name: Himemiya / Jaime
Age: A lady never tells!
Birthday: July 16th
Long-time obsessions:  Anime, Music, Cosplay, and I'm just getting back into the lolita scene - I left for about four years o.o;
Current obsessions: decorating everything, reading blogs, doing online tutorials, lolita, Lady Gaga, my awesome tripod
Future/possible obsessions: decoden, hime gyaru (it's all your fault Violet!), getting back into anime?(You never really *leave* anime, you just stop watching for a while XD)
Style: Classic and Gothic lolita (again, just stepping back in), mori (I live in the woods even!), lots of purple (somehow I always end up with a purple shirt, a purple jacket, a purple purse, a purple notebook...)
Collections: My Little Pony, anime plushies, manga, stickers

I think that's it!  Any other questions?  Just leave a comment ♥


  1. Huge Utena fan here. Glad to see an Anthy lover, since she gets misunderstood a lot as a character :-)
    I'm following your blog on blogger.

  2. @beata-beatrixx
    AHA! Reply to comment works! I think! Thank you for following me ♥

  3. @beata-beatrixx
    I know right! Poor Anthy is always called derogatory words by girls! I want to explain to them why she's awesome, and they're like "No, Utena's awesome-er"