Saturday, January 9, 2010


Yay for crafting!  Tonight I experimented with epoxy and my desk lamp.  I followed a series of tutorials from Violet LeBeaux on making an inspiration board, and decorating a mirror and lamp.
Here's my inspiration board! (tutorial)

And a close up of the lace/ribbon/flowers/fabric

 My lamp and mirror were black, and I didn't have any purple lace, so I went gothic lolita / black and white with it.  I may have overdone it on the lamp with the little flowers, but they have pearls inside and are so cute!  Violet used three roses around the lamp base, but I didn't have room, so I just glued one.  I'm not sure about my ribbon choice, but I'll like it more when I'm not staring at it and wondering "Should I have used a different ribbon?" over and over.  Anyway! (tutorial)

Here's my mirror!  I've got a black lace with a cool pattern on the top on the actual glass, and another white lace with a cool top on the black frame.  I put two little flowers on each corner, which are kind of hard to see.  I like the rose on the bottom. (same as other tutorial)

I really like making things.  I think my favorite lolita thing to make is headpieces.  I'm going to try for bows soon! Thank you Violet for showing me how to make my blogging space pretty ♥  If I come up with something cool, I'd like to do tutorials too!  ...Maybe when I think up something people would want to do XD


  1. Oh the lamp and the mirror turned out so well! I love the little flower touches :D I think the ribbon on the lamp looks really cute, it reminds me of a pin stipe suit! When I start a "reader's gallery" would you mind if I put your photos up in it?

  2. @Violet LeBeaux

    *_* I'd love to be in your reader's gallery!

  3. These look adorable! The fabric you used for your inspiration board is sooooo pretty! And I love the mirror with the lace around it. It's so cute looking!