Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Things I Like: Pandas

My love of pandas started in college, when I first discovered Kana (or Moon Kana as she goes by now).  At the time, when she first started, she carried around stuffed pandas, wrapping them in ribbon and holding or dragging them around.  It got me into collecting stuffed pandas, which I still collect today.  I’ve gotten in to little things for the house now, light pulls or little statues.  I stopped counting the pandas I'd collected, because they're from so many different sources - home stores, toy sections, the internet, Sanrio.

 Some famous pandas that I love are the Sanrio character Pandapple (I wrote the first draft of this with a pandapple pen!), and the character Po from the movie Kung-fu Panda (greatest kung-fu movie ever).  I have a LOT of KFP items – a little plush of Po and Tai-Lung (the bad guy), a big plush that sits in a chair in my room, a KFP blanket rolled up and held by a panda’s arms with Velcro, action figures of the whole cast, and some note pads and stickers.  I like collecting things.  While wandering in the toy section I’ve seen a panda toy or two from the show Ni Hao, Kai-Lan (nick jr. show where they teach English and Chinese), but I haven’t seen the show so I don’t know how big a character it is.  Ok that’s a lie, I did watch it once, Kai-Lan went with her friends to the ladybug festival.  Stop laughing at me! XD

I have panda’s littered through the house, but here are the majority of them.  My favorite is Arashi, my first panda.  I have a panda backpack too, but the straps are so short (it’s made for a kid) I don’t wear it.  Also I’m a bit old to wear it.  I mean, I wore it when I was 18 or 19, I didn’t care what anyone thought.  But I personally feel too old for it.  I saw a kid wearing one in the mall and got all sentimental.

What’s your favorite animal?


  1. Your panda collection is adorable! I love Kana and her panda obsession, and how she always used to wear that hat with little panda ears made of hair XD too cute!

    My favorite animals are bears and goats XD They are so totally not cute animals.

  2. @Caro-chan We have bears! Come get our bears! We don't want them eating all our birdseed! XD
    A teacher at my mom's middle school has a farm, and when she got a baby mini goat, she brought it to school. It would walk around the room and students would make a fist, and the goat would ram them. SO CUTE.