Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I Like: Rings!

I'm obsessed with rings.  Cute, gothic, shiney, sparkly - I like them all!  But I have really big fingers, and in some stores often have to search for a big size just for my pinkie!  The ring I always wear on my right hand is like a size 12 or 13, seriously.  Yes, if/when I lose weight my finger size will go down, but that's not happening overnight ^_^;  SO! For now I have a lot of cute pinkie rings, an adjustable bow ring, and a kind of stretchy heart ring.  
Here are some of my rings:

I'd love to have more gothic ones (I love crosses, skulls not so much), more flowers, and maybe make some cabochon rings with clear beads (Fuck Yeah Lolita's cabochon ring tutorial is here)

What's your favorite type of jewelry?


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